Pierre-Henry Moreau

Business/Functional Analyst & Tester

(+32) 474.80.72.98
28th October 1987 (36 years), Belgian (EU Subject), single, Driving licence B


I am a Civil Engineer in electricity with a proven IT experience in business and functional analysis. During different projects, I have gained expertise in testing. I have a good knowledge in development and also in machine learning algorithms and image processing. During my mission at the European commission, I had to improve energy consumption of a part of their buildings, since then I developed an interest in this subject.

I am polyvalent, open-minded, able to adapt rapidly to technical tools. I have good analytical and synthetic capabilities.


Student Job

During 2009Student InstructoratUniversity of Liège
2008-2009Private tutor in science and mathematics
August 2008Temporary work (night shift)atLa Lorraine Bakery Group
August 2007Temporary work (night shift)atLa Lorraine Bakery Group
2004-2005ICT Directorate-cube (Liège)

Finalist of the Mini-Enterprise competition and winner of several contests, e-cube was a Belgian Mini-Enterprise established at Liège composed of 12 associates from the Collège Saint-Louis.


  • Master in Electrical Engineering at University of Liège (2008 - 2010)
  • Final thesis: « Detecting the Presence of People in an Image », Prof. Van Droogenbroeck
    The first task was to extracts characteristics (HOG) of a set of images in order to calculate a predictive model using a machine learning algorithm (extra-trees). The second task was to compare the efficiency of my method with published results.

  • Bachelor in Electro-Mechanical Engineering at University of Liège (2005 - 2008)
  • Representative for student electrical department from 2006 to 2010


  • 11/2021 2021 Secure Coding Training for All Other Languages – Belgium
  • 06/2020 2020 Secure Coding Training for All Other Languages – Belgium
  • 12/2014 VCA - Basic Elements of Safety SCC – AIB-Vinçotte – Belgium
  • 12/2010 Renewable Energies – Walloon Region – Belgium
  • 11/2010 Energy Advisor (PEB, URE, IR imaging, PAE) – Walloon Region – Belgium

Academic Projects

During my studies, I worked on several group projects on the following subjects:

  • Image Processing, Telecommunications & Optimization (as example see here 2 projects)
    • Detect and track people though a network of cameras (SDL, Ubuntu)
    • Optimization algorithm for the distribution of students between schools
  • Electronics (as example see here 2 projects)
    • DC-DC boost converter with snubber and PID control (power electronics)
    • Line follower robot (IR sensors, H bridges, ASM on PIC chip)
  • Electro-Mechanics (as example see here 2 projects)
    • Modelling of a double-glazing with IR reflectors (Engineering Equation Solver)
    • Modelling of the water hammer using iterative calculation (Excel)

Technical IT Skills

  • Analysis
    Enterprise Architect (EA), UML
  • Testing
    Selenium, Robot, Selenium IDE, Ranorex Studio, WCF Test Client, Postman, Gherkin
  • Project Methodology
    Agile, SCRUM, ITIL
  • Project Management Tools
    Team Foundation Server (TFS), JIRA, Rally ALM
  • Web
    PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Web Services, Wordpress, Dreamweaver, phpMyAdmin, vBulletin, phpBB, Google Maps API, nodejs
  • Development languages
    C/C++, bash, Pascal, ASM, Java, Excel (VBA), C#, .NET
  • Development tools
    Visual Studio, Sharp Develop, Eclipe IDE, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Database
    MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle Database, Berkeley DB
  • Operating Systems
    Windows, Linux, android
  • Network
    TCP/IP, Firewall, NAT, WireShark
  • CI/CD
    TeamCity, Jenkins, Git, Github, private & public Gitlab, Bitbucket, docker
  • Office
    MS Office, Confluence, Sharepoint, Link, Open-Office, LaTeX (LyX, MiKTeX)
  • Other
    VM Ware, Oracle VirtualBox, XML Spy


  • French
    Mother language,
  • English
  • Dutch
    Limited working proficiency.

Leisure activities

  • Youth Movement (team leader)
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Own creation of private websites
    • Geopti: optimize search for places (in progress)
    • Timeline: planning, tasks & email reminders
  • Interests: Numismatics, biking, news